My Diary From The Inked World
  1. 2nd Leak Off Drugs & Dreams II, Releases November 19th On iTunes & Google Play Store.

  2. gotemcoach:

    Young Shaq pulls a basketball hoop off of a backboard.  #GotEm

  3. zuumbiess:

    Intro track of the new “Rose Yellow” mixtape by @bxbnvrley1000


  4. nasty-like-nas:




  5. Hey bro, I've been good man. i've been checking out your new beats bro, it's still amazing to me. How you been?

    aww thanks im still on it ;) yee we keep growing in this planet called earth its all about +/- period tho like everybody i guess lool im high af sry 

    luv bro 

  6. u slowed my beat down

    what’s beat ? link me 

  7. ashittyblog:

  8. MoonGod X Fanon X LxudPvck

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